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Hagerty Silver & Multimetal Foam

Hagerty’s Silver & Multimetal Foam is a foaming paste to clean and maintain silver, silver-plated metal, pewter and steel.

Apart from using this on your tableware, this product can be uséd carefully on solid silver, sterling silver and silver plated musical instruments. Some care needs to be taken when using this product on your musical instrument. Please see below for important information.

Hagerty Silver & Multimetal Foam cleans and takes care of silver, silver-plated, pewter and steel objects. It maintains, restores and polishes metals without scratching the surface.

Silver and Multimetal Foam makes tarnished silver, silver-plated, pewter and steel objects shine. The foaming paste protects from oxidation for several weeks and removes dirt easily. The product acts rapidly, is efficient and does not damage the objects. Its quick action makes it particularly useful for the maintenance of silver, silver-plated, pewter, and stainless steel objects which are uséd frequently. It contains soap and vegetal solvents. The paste has almost instant effects and does not cause any scratches or marks on the metals.